Jugate heads of a queen and king to right, the former veiled, the latter wearing a high tiara adorned with a star. Quelle est la chanteuse la plus attirante physiquement? Not described in Cohen. A small statue, perhaps a replica of those of Eutyehides, is preserved in the Collection of Marbles of the Imperial Hermitage. For nine years there had been peace, but at last, in , a second war broke out, for what cause is uncertain, but it is said that Licinius had been secretly collecting a military force, even inviting the barbarians to join his standard. The silver ryal was in the Sutherland Cabinet, but has been lost.

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Quelque nouvel exemplaire, il faut 1’esperer, en fixera definitivement la date et le lieu demission. See also Catalogue of the Borrell Collection, London,p. Imperial Ottoman Bank, Alexandria. To this period may also probably be assigned the following very rare and hitherto unpublished jetton: The Numismatische Zeitschnft, Bd.

Bulletins de la Societe des Antiquaires de 1’Ouest, 2 me trimestre de A small statue, perhaps a replica of those of Eutyehides, is preserved in the Collection of Marbles of the Imperial Hermitage. Thaler of Prince Syrus Austriacus of Corregio. Only two specimens are known, one of which is in the Vienna Museum, the other in the cabinet of M.

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It occurs on the coins of Coustantine II. Poole insists on calling themand those of the Beni Tulun and Ikhshidis in Egypt, deserve special mention. The Yoj of the Council usually embraces all matters of immediate interest to the Society, and gives obituary notices of the members whom we have lost each year by death ; and there remains but little for a President to comment upon, unless he were to take up some special subject on which to make remarks ; and this I incline to think would be mqtt done by communicating a paper in the ordinary manner to the Society, always assuming that the subject was forthcoming, and that the President was able and willing to make the remarks, neither of which conditions is in existence on the present occa- sion.


On Inedited Roman Coins, of M. Year of the Chersonesian sera, which corresponds with A. The Count Prokesch-Osten considers the figure as being the personification of the Phasis, 26 and this opinion is moreover hace by the late Mgr. There is one coin of Postumus much clipped and corrodedwhich I identify with No. It is generally cast and roughly tooled.

have i told you lately matt acheson

Examen chronologique des Monnaies frappees par la communaute des Mace’doniens. It is not necessary to repeat those reasons, which of course rest in a great degree upon conjecture. During his regency the following medal was struck. Shield of arms crowned.

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Lees, and do not suffer by a comparison with the earlier plates executed by Mr. He was also an occasional exhibitor at our meetings, where his courteous and genial manner was tood that it will long be remembered by those who were brought in contact with him.

have i told you lately matt acheson

Kenyon, and in which a great amount gave additional matter is given, embodying all the discoveries of new types and new attributions which have been made in the thirty- six years since the first edition was printed. It is to be hoped that when a new edition of Buding’s « Annals of the English Coinage  » is called for, that work yave meet with as comprehensive treatment, lstely be provided with as full an array of the records of the English mints as those bestowed on the sister country by Mr.

Cochran-Patrick communicated some further notes towards a Metallic History of Scotland, comprising descriptions of several rare and achesoj unattributed medals. In the next year we find the following jetton: On a very rare gold quinarius, formerly in the Blacas Collection Cohen,  » Med. If Aristarchos occupied the throne of Colchis in the year 63, the drachms bearing the year Bl 12 must have been coined in 52 or 51 B. Le roi de Perse, la tiare royale en tete, court a droite, tenant de la gauche 1’arc, et tirant de le droite une natt du carquois qu’il porte au dos.


It is satisfactory to find that numismatists of other countries find the pages of our journal the most fitting hxve for making public the results of their researches, and that during the present year we have been favoured with a valuable paper on the Coins of the Satraps of Caria from the pen of our honorary member, M. Annual Report of the Director of the U.

But he is seldom represented standing in a quadriga.

In the second 4- OB:: MAA; Hercule debout de face etrangle le lion ; massue a gauche. Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries, London. The king’s head in a peculiar hat similar to the hat pieces of the coinageand the queen’s head with a ruff round the neck.

Statere d’Or inedit du Chersonese taurique avec le nom d’un Roi scythe Toold ou Hegetouagaros.

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Ma collection, du Catal. Within a beaded circle with outer and inner lines, the king’s bust, three-quarters face to the right, with low bonnet and apparently a studded circlet.

Visconti,  » Iconographie grecque, ii. During these halcyon years a period, as he used to remark, the happiest of his life he had the good fortune to witness the dispersion of some of the finest existing cabinets of Scottish coins, including that of Mr.