Vision & Mission

Road accident is a very serious problem in Indonesia. In 2010, police reported approximately 32,000 deaths due to accidents on the streets of Indonesia and death rate from traffic accidents per 100,000 population is about 15. This is very high compared to neighboring countries like Singapore is 4.8 and Australia is 5.2 deaths per 100,000 people.

Based on current trends occurred, estimated in 2020 to nearly 40,000 people are death on the streets throughout Indonesia. Most commentators have assumed that this fatality number are still under reporting, and the data are inconsistent and difficult to verify. Up to 65,000 fatality per year have been estimated for 2020.

Therefore it is very important to act quickly to reduce this serious problem and has set an ambitious target to reduce these numbers by 50% less to 18,750 deaths. IRSMS project is a bold attempt by the Indonesian Traffic Police to establish credibility and gain reliable data rather than reduce the number of actual casualties that occurred in the streets of Indonesia.

The Visions of Indoensia Police about Road Safety are:
     1. Reduce fatality number to 50% in year 2020 and 80% in year 2035,
     2. Being the best in ASEAN.

The Misions are:

   1. Confirms commitment to work together to realize the vision of medium-term and long-term in the field of road traffic safety to all road traffic safety partners, the Ministries and Agencies, Provincial Government, City and County, and the non-governmental Institute for the entire community.

    2. Provides Framework (framework) for safety programs implemented by the traffic police and partner institutions across-partners throughout Indonesia that will support the achievement of national traffic safety vision.

    3. Supporting other strategies developed by the stakeholders in the field of road traffic safety, the entire police partners and the general public in line with the RUNK.

    4. Assisting to achieve the targets in other areas that are directly or indirectly related to the quality of road traffic safety, including Economic Efficiency, Environmental Sustainability, Equity National Development and Social Welfare.