Vehicle Condition

Stay safe on the road!
Dark clothes, vehicles with no light, bad brakes, steering or worn out tires might threaten the safety of both you and other road users. 

Did you know that the risk of accident is much higher if you as a pedestrian is wearing dark cloth, if your vehicle has no lights on, brakes or steering are not functioning properly, or tires are worn out. Perform periodic inspections and maintenance on brake and steering functions, tires condition and lights. As pedestrian use light clothing when walking on dark roads.

Maintain safety. Make sure to be seen and keep the vehicle in good shape!

Vehicle Roadworthiness

It is important that your vehicle is road worthy, that means that the vehicle

  • All lights should be in good working condition
  • Brakes should also be working well
  • Tires should have a good profile
  • Mirrors should be well adjusted and not broken
  • All Joints & King Pins and wheel Bearings must be present
  • The horn should be working and the vehicle body and performance should be in a satisfactory state

Regularly take your car to a service station, to keep it roadworthy! Accidents can be avoided! Be proactive!