Fasten your seat belts for the safety of every passenger!
Fasten your seat belt – at the back seat!
It might save your life!

Did you know? Failure to wear a seat belt is one of the leading causes of road accident death. Driving without a seat belt increases your chances of injury and death in case of a crash accident. Passengers who are not wearing seat belts can potentially kill other vehicle occupants during accidents. Studies show that drivers and front-seat passengers are 5 times higher risk of dying in a car accident if the passengers seating at the back are not wearing their seatbelts. This is the case in head on collisions.
Wear your seat belt at all times while driving irregardless of how far or near your destination is. Ensure that all occupants are safely restrained before driving. Passengers in the back seat should also wear seat belts, as they might be thrown into the passengers in the front seat during impact.

Love your life! Wear a seat belt!
Are you protected yet? Wear and fasten your helmet!


The rate of road accidents involving motorcycles are 10 times higher than cars in Indonesia . As there is minimal to no restraint mechanism in motorcycles, the driver and passenger are at the same risk of death or lifelong disability during accidents. Sadly, riders who do not wear standard helmets correctly, are at an even higher risk of sustaining head injuries. Wearing a helmet correctly can reduce the risk of death by 40 % and more than 70 % risk of severe injury.

Protect your head, protect your life! Strap on your helmet!