Don’t overload!
Lack of stability and loss of balance can lead to road accidents!
  • An overloaded vehicle can be less stable, difficult to steer and will take longer to stop.
  • Vehicles react differently when the maximum weight which they are designed to carry is exceeded. The extra weight can affect the stability of the vehicle.
  • The driver´s view can be obstructed and limited. Due to the limitations resulting from the overweight, the driver might not be aware of avoidable debris and obstructions on the road.
  • The ability of the steering wheel could be reduced, and the risk that passengers and/ goods fall off the vehicle in case of a sudden stop is very high.
  • Brakes have to work harder because the vehicle is heavier due to the excess weight. Brakes might overheat and lose their effectiveness to stop the car thereby causing accidents.

On motorcycles, overloading can result in damaging the load itself as well as injuring the motorcycle driver. The tragic part is, if the motorcycle falls due to an over load, it can be difficult for a single person to maintain stability, and that happening in the middle of traffic can easily result in multiple crushes.

Do not overload ! Your awareness helps keep the roads safe for all!