National Road Safety Master Plan


In order to strengthening the coordination among stakeholders in the field of road safety and for the implementation of United Nations Resolution No. 64/255 dated 10 March 2010, regarding the Improving Global Road Safety through Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 Program, hereby instructing:

  • Minister of Public Works;
  • Minister of Transportation;
  • Minister of Health;
  • Minister of Industry;
  • Minister of Interior;
  • Minister of Education and Culture;
  • Minister of Finance;
  • Minister of Communication and Information Technology;
  • Minister of National Development and Planning / Head of National Development and Planning Agency;
  • Minister of Research and Technology;
  • Minister of Labor and Transmigration;
  • Minister of Environment;
  • Chief of Indonesian National Police Force;
  • Governors;
  • Mayors / Regents;

FIRST: Take the necessary measures corresponding to the duties, functions, and each authority to implement the Road Safety Action Decade Program as set out in the Appendix of this Presidential Instruction.

SECOND: In taking the measures referred to in FIRST Section, be guided by the five (5) Pillars of Decade of Action for Road Safety Program, which includes:

Pillar I that is Road Safety Management, which focuses on:

  • Road Safety Coordination and Adjustment;
  • Emergency Vehicle Traffic Protocol;
  • Road Safety Research;
  • Surveillance Injury and the Integrated Information System;
  • Road Safety Funding;
  • Road Safety Partnership;
  • Public Transport Safety Management System;
  • Completion of Road Safety Regulations;

Pillar II that is Safer Road, which focuses on:

  • Safer Road Pavement / Body;
  • Planning and Implementation of Safer Road Works;
  • Planning and Implementation of Road Equipment;
  • Application of Speed ​​Management;
  • Conducting the Improvement of Safer Road-worthiness Standard;
  • Safer Road Environment;
  • Safer Roadside Activities;

Pillar III that is Safer Vehicles, which focuses on:

  • Implementation and Improvement of Periodic Testing and Type Testing Procedures;
  • Speed ​​Limit on Vehicle;
  • Handling of Overloading;
  • Vehicle Scrapping;
  • Setting the Safety Standards for Public Transport Vehicle;

Pillar IV that is Safer Road User Behavior, which focuses on:

  • Vehicle Operations Compliance;
  • Driver’s Condition Inspection;
  • Driver’s Health Inspection;
  • Driving License Test System’s Facility and Infrastructure Improvement;
  • Completion of Driving License Test Procedure;
  • Driving Schools Technical Coaching;
  • Handling of five (5) Main Risk Factors Plus;
  • Use of Electronic Law Enforcement Equipment;
  • Formal Road Safety Education;
  • Safety Campaign;

Pillar V that is Pre and Post-Accident Management, which focuses on:

  • Pre-Accident Management;
  • Post-Accident Management;
  • Assurance for Accident Victims that are Treated in Referral Hospital;
  • Allocating Some Insurance Premiums for Road Safety Fund;
  • Pre and Post-Accident Research for the Victim;

THIRD: Implementation of the five (5) pillars as referred to in FIRST Section, coordinated by:

  • Minister for National Development Planning / Head of National Development Planning Agency to Pillar I, responsible for encouraging the implementation of coordination between stakeholders and the creation of sectoral partnership in order to ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of the development and planning of road safety strategies at the national level, including the determination of the road safety achievement targets and conduct evaluation to ensure the implementation of road safety has been carried out effectively and efficiently;
  • Minister of Public Works to Pillar II, responsible for providing better and safer road infrastructure by doing improvements starting from the road planning, design phase, construction and operation;
  • Minister of Transportation for Pillar III, responsible for ensuring that every vehicle that being used on the road is comply to safety standards;
  • Chief of Indonesian National Police to Pillar IV, responsible for improving the road user behaviors through traffic safety education, improving the quality of driving license testing system and law enforcement on the road, as well as developing a data collection system of traffic accidents;
  • Minister of Health for Pillar V, responsible for promoting the pre-accident management including promotions, and driver’s health improvement on particular condition/special situations and post-accident management with Integrated Emergency Management System (SPGDT).

FOURTH: Coordinator of each pillar as referred to in THIRD Section report the implementation of this Presidential Instruction to the President through the Minister of National Development Planning/Head of National Development Planning Agency at least 1 (one) times in one (1) year.

FIFTH: Implement this Presidential Instructions with full responsibility.


Link to Bapernas for the national road safety strategy