Welcome Notes

Welcome to Integrated Road Safety Management System (IRSMS) Website

In Indonesia, although traffic accidents is one of the leading causes of death, road safety issues are still not treated as a priority, it is seen from the efforts of a relatively limited during the past year. Every day more than 1,000 traffic accidents have resulted in dead and wounded. 84% of that number are motorcyclists!

This site provides a variety of information about safety, accident statistics and also a variety of publications on matters relating to accidents and road safety. This is evidence that the Indonesian Traffic Police is very caring and supportive to the World Safety Action Program continues to improve its ability to provide services to the community and working with other agencies related to road safety issues.

All of the information contained within this website is hoped that all visitors can get a good result so that all efforts to reduce the number of casualty of road traffic accidents in Indonesia are perceived significantly success.